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Review of UK Home Exercise Equipment


There are thousands of home fitness / exercise products on the market, but most are flawed, prone to breaking, or simply boring. Below we've reviewed 10 of the most popular home exercise equipment types in Britain--we tried to pick the best balanced item in category (not the most expensive or cheapest, rather the top value for money), the best treadmill, best bike, etc. The reviews are conducted by Cambridge-trained scientist, Dr. Lauren Mackenzie, though it's more difficult to scientifically rate these products than diets or slimming pills given the absence of clinical trials, so the ratings are subjective.

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  Table Definitions

.Value Rating = Value
Design Rating = Efficiency
Service Rating =Fun

Value Rating: Includes prices of the home exercise equipment and our assessment of what you actually get for your money.

Efficiency Rating: Our opinion of how well the home fitness gear helps you lose weight.

Fun: This is our take on how fun a given home exercise regime is, because if it isn't fun, you're not likely to stick with it. This is the least "scientific" rating, relying mainly on reports we've gathered from the net and on our own preferences, which may differ from others.

Exercise Type: In a nutshell, how a given home exercise device works.

Cost: Best price for the home exercise product.

Notes: Brief main comments on a given home fitness equipment model. For more, read our in depth review by clicking the product logo, or click Buy Now to be transferred to the cheapest retailer we could find for immediate purchase.


Most Popular UK Home Exercise Equipment Ranked
and Fun
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Exercise Type




Wii Fit Plus Review & Link
Wii Balance Board

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating

Yoga, strength & aerobic exercises as well as balance games

£74 Wii Fit Plus makes it fun to work out with 60+ exercises and excellent workout/weight tracking

Read Wii Fit Plus review
Buy Wii Fit Plus

Proform 450 Cross Trainer Review & Link
Cross Trainer

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Cross-trainer, jogging and arm workout £189 Delivers an intense upper and lower body workout simultaneously, Proform 450HR is the best of the lower cost models

Read Proform Crosstrainer review
Buy Proform 450 Cross Trainer

Bodymax Mini Trampoline Review & Link

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Aerobic jumping £19 Surprisingly effective aerobic exercise, plus very fun & cheap to boot--if you've never done it you really should try one

Read Bodymax Mini Trampoline review
Buy Rebounder

York 201 Exercise Cycle Review & Link
Exercise Cycle

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating

Aerobic cycling

£179 Effective and easy aerobic lower body exercise, yet surprisingly cheap for a feature-rich model like the York C201

Read York 201 Exercise Cycle review
Buy York 201 Exercise Cycle

ance Dance Revolution Review & Link
Dance Game Pad

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Aerobic dancing £37 Dance pad games like Dance Dance Revolution deliver a robust aerobic workout, with built in variety and fun--a great adjunct to Wii Fit Plus

Read Dance Dance Revolution game review
Buy Dance Dance Revolution Wii game

Carl Lewis MOTC99 Treadmil Review & Link

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Aerobic walking and jogging £254 Feature-rich Carl Lewis MOTC99 treadmill, for easy, quick aerobic workouts/weight loss

Read Carl Lewis Treadmill review
Buy Carl Lewis Treadmill

Bowflex Revolution Review & Link
Home Gym

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
100+ strength exercises plus aerobic rowing £1815 Most versatile home gym you can get in our opinion, the Bowflex Revolution's advanced resistance technology as used for ISS astronauts

Read Bowflex Revolution review
Buy Bowflex Revolution

Body Shape Stair Stepper Review & Link
Stair Stepper

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Aerobic stair-stepping £69 Effective at getting your heart rate up, but can get a tad boring

Read Stair Stepper review
Buy Body Shape Stair Stepper

Vfit Tornado Rowing Machine Review & Link
Rowing Machine

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Aerobic and strength rowing £179 An old standby for the home gym, works large muscle groups well and intensely, which can shorten workout time, useful as boredom can set in easily

Read Vfit Tornado Rowing Machine review
Buy Vfit Tornado Rowing Machine

Carl Lewis Ab Roller Review & Link
Ab Roller/Cruncher

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Abdominal crunches £19 Much derided for late night informercials, ab machines are nonetheless cheap and can have a useful niche role in a home exercise/slimming regime

Read Carl Lewis Ab Roller review
Buy Carl Lewis Ab Roller

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