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Fat Attack Weight Loss Programme

Fat Attack "diet boot camps" are a new phenomenon proving quite popular--they're pricey, but could be just the motivation you need to kickstart a stalled weight loss regime.

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Fat Attack Diet Service Review

Visit Fat Attack Diet Service SiteFat Attack isn't a diet as such, but it is a short-term kickstart to dieting which could set you on the right course, or possibly a final regime to lose those last few pounds after a stalled diet. Conducted by actual martial arts, boxing, and kick boxing competitors and champions, this intensive weight loss and fit programme is not for the faint of heart--it's an extreme approach, but one which is healthy and safe. The trainers at this, the only residential exercise boot camp in Britain, are first aid qualified and trained to prevent injuries and exercise safely, and sports therapists are on hand.

Fat Attack's "boot camps" let you decide whether you want to be cosy and share or prefer your own space. The majority of their weekends are women only, though they do have mixed weekends as well. The long weekends begin Friday afternoon and end Sunday early evening, so you won't even have to miss a full day of work. They are held throughout the year at selected residential venues in Surrey, all within easy reach from London and Home Counties and easy access from Gatwick or the M25.

Each training session lasts 90-120 minutes, including things like pad works, running/interval training, kettlebell training, Nordic walking, SAW, circuit training, tabata, core training resistance training, fell running, assault course, climbing, tyre challenge, tug of war, stretching, etc. These sessions are intense, designed to dramatically increase your fitness and burn fat, improving muscle tone and and letting you return to or jump into an increased exercise routine when you leave. In fact, Fat Attack guarantees you will lose body fat, and at least an inch in the mid-section.

Accommodation is all private, though shared on request.


Fat Attack RunMenu: Certified nutritionists develop targeted meal plans and deliver a nutritional workshop to help you carry on with optimal eating after you leave. A sample Saturday at Fat Attack includes:

06.30 start, 20.00 finish
  • Team Briefing; Momento Running Trail 5 to 10k including intervals/shuttle and Tabata sequences
  • Breakfast; 30-min Break; Combat Conditioning: enhanced intervals, integrated circuits, minute drills and density training
  • Snack; 30-min Break; Gladiator training: Tabata hybrid with kettlebells and body weight
  • Lunch; 1-hour Break; Iron man circuits: intergrated high density circuits with Sledge hammer/tyres/beer keg toss/ log runs
  • Snack; 30-min Break; Power SAQ: competitive hybrid with cardio and  body weight resistance 
  • Dinner

Prices: These camps are pricey, there's no doubt about that--but if you can afford it and it sets you on the path to real weight loss, then they'll be well worth it. A Fat Attack Basic weekend costs £450 and tends to be at more "boot camp"-like venues (no frills, but often picturesque). Fat Attack Plus weekends cost £650 and have the luxury/spa extras you'd expect from a 4-star hotel.

The fee includes accommodation, meals, training/workshops, basic kit, and a complimentary shuttle to and from the nearest mainline station to the venue.

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Visit Fat Attack Diet Service Site


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•You will lose weight and get fitter
• Professional trainers and very personal attention
• Concentrated, motivational programme

• Price
• Must have reasonable level of fitness to participate
• Too intense for some

Price: £450 for long weekend session

Philosophy:Concentrated exercise/nutrition boot camp to kickstart weight loss/fitness

Menu: Nutritionally balanced to promote weight loss and energy

Support: Team of highly-trained trainers and nutritionists

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PO BOX 2988,

Fight fat and get fit at Fat Attack


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