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We believe Go Lower is perhaps the easiest way to cheaply and healthily lose about a dress size in a month, but it's not cheap.

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Visit Go Lower Diet Service SiteGo Lower is a healthy, effortless way to drop a dress size in a month--it takes all the work out of dieting, sending everything you need in a hamper. Go Lower is like having your own personal chef to plan your meals, measure out portions, and do all the preparation for you!

Go Lower works on a 28-day plan, perfect for a quick and easy but dramatic weight change. As every meal is provided, we suggest you clear out the fridge and cupboards to eliminate temptation, then simply relax and let someone else prepare all your meals while you lose weight.

Go Lower's meals are nutritionally balanced with the following features:

  • Calorie controlled to a level of 1200-1500 per day--perfect for quick weight loss without starving or slowing your metabolism down.
  • Protein rich - studies show this is essential to feel full.
  • Low sugar - this means your body will turn to fat for fuel, and will reduce cravings
  • Low GI: this really is a modified low Glycemic Index diet, full of slow burn foods to keep your blood sugar level and avoid the spikes that lead to cravings and snack binges.
  • Unlike most GI diets, Go Lower touts their programme as having a metabolic advantage, what many people call the Caveman diet or ketogenic diet (protein, good fats, and specific good carbs)
  • High in fibre to clear out the gunk already in your system and keep your digestive track healthy
  • High in vitamins and minerals--as this is your sole food source for a month, everything is nutritionally balanced.

Unlike many diet plans, there are no weekly meetings or weigh-ins, however trained diet counselors are available online or by phone (by appointment) if you need expert help. The Go Lower diet is designed so that in addition to weight loss, you should see an improvement in your cholesterol profile and overall wellbeing.

Go Lower is not suitable for under-18-year olds, pregnant or breastfeeding women, those undergoing cancer treatments, or those with a BMI over 30. If you stick to it, you mathematically will lose weight based on reduced calorie intake.


Menu: The Go Lower meals are all carefully balanced to be low calorie; averaging 1200-1500 per day. Plus, the ingredients have a low Glycemic Index (GI), so you're getting aspects of a successful low GI diet as well. The Go Lower nutritionists select low GI meals so you will feel full longer, reducing chances of binging. The meals are also low in saturated fat, and salt, with no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavourings, no trans fats. In short, Go Lower is much healthier than you might expect for a pre-prepared product, and all the nutritional information for all the menus are provided.

When you sign up for the 28-day programme, Go Lower sends you a hamper with 28 ready meals for dinner, 28 soups for lunch, 28 granolas for breakfast, and 42 healthy snacks. These aren't stogy, boring dinners either, with things like Beef Bourquignon, Coq Au Vin, and Chicken and Leek in a Cream Sauce on the menu. There's a definite Mediterranean feel with Italian and French dishes centre stage.

All you need to do is pop the meals in the microwave and lose weight effortlessly. Go Lower uses a traditional French method of pressure cooking which means the food stays fresh longer and there are no special storage requirements. Unlike other mass market diet products, Go Lower produces real food in small batches in real kitchens, and they aren't full of chemicals and preservatives. Even the soups are real, not powders, and there are none of the dreaded diet shakes.

The Go Lower hampers are delivered via courier service, and in most areas of the mainland UK they can get your food to you the next day if you order before noon.


Prices: Go Lower isn't cheap (245 pounds for 28 days), as you need to sign up for an entire 28 days, but if you do the maths it only comes out to less than 9 quid per day--not bad for a practically guaranteed weight loss and some tasty food.

This may sound like alot of money, but the average UK shopper spends around 40 quid a week at the supermarket, then add in meals out and the odd snack, and 80 quid per week is not at all unlikely. If you're seriously overweight it may cost around what you already spend on food for this programme, with the difference that you're pretty certain to shed pounds and improve your health with the Go Lower option.


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Key Facts

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• Meals all delivered
• No preparation required
• Diet on autopilot, no decision or thought needed

• Fixed eating plan, with limited variety
• Price higher than average weekly shop
• You could do this yourself (with considerable effort)

Price: £245.00 for 28 days (£8.75 per day)

Philosophy: Low calorie, low GI pre-prepared meals delivered to the door

Menu: Prepared meals of 1200-1500 calories/day

Support: Online and via phone, no regular meetings

Go Lower Limited
45-47 Tower Street


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