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This grandfather of the food combining diets may not have been rigorously tested by science, but it is certainly healthy and should lead to some weight loss

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Visit Hay Diet Service SiteHay is an old diet which survives to this day and has much to recommend it, chock full of healthy, fresh fruit and veg. The Hay Diet was developed in 1911 by Dr. William Hay. It is based on the premise that the body cannot process proteins and carbohydrates at the same time because of the way they are digested. Dr. Hay believed that humans evolved in such a way that these two types of foods were simply not eaten together--until modern times. Such poor combining allegedly results in poor elimination of wastes and toxins. He believed that accumulation of acids in the body in this way caused many health problems, so through proper combining and eating more alkaline fruits and veg would counteract this.

So, the Hay Diet prescribes cutting down on proteins, starches, and highly processed foods and increasing intake of vegetables and fruits to 60% of all food eaten (raw and unprocessed where possible). Other foods and proteins should be left at least 3-4 hours apart.

Despite the old theory behind it, which seems to make sense when you read about it, there actually has been little in the way of scientific confirmation of the various claims, so we don't rate it as highly as some of the newer, medically backed diets. Nonetheless, by any standards the Hay Diet is healthy, and eating the foods recommended will probably result in a fair amount of weight loss and an improvement in overall health compared to the typical Western diet.


Menu: Again, the menu various, dividing foods into the Neutral (or Alkali forming foods), Starches (or concentrated carbohydrates), and Proteins (or concentrated proteins). You will be eating many fresh fruits and veggies on this diet, so whether or not you believe in the food combining methodology, at least you can be confident it's probably good for you.


Prices: There have been many books on this old diet, but one of the best is Jackie Habgood's The Hay Diet Made Easy on Amazon for around £5.99. The actual diet can be a bit pricey to follow given the large amount of fresh fruits and veggies required, but is undoubtedly healthy.

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Key Facts

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• Food intake not restricted
• Will lose weight
• Can snack on allowed foods

• No rigorous scientific basis
• Complicated food mixing plan
• Difficult to stay on over long term

Price: £5.99 for book

Philosophy: Optimum food combining

Menu: Varies

Support: None



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