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Herbalife is pricey and the diet can get a bit samey, but if you've tried the other services and really need to lose weight, it just might work for you.

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Herbalife Diet Service Review

Visit Herbalife UK Distributor isn't as popular as some of the other British-native diet services, but has expanded significantly here and is a viable choice for a serious, closely monitored weight loss programme. Herbalife was started in 1981 by Mark Hughes and has become a worldwide company across 70 countries with 1.9 million distributors. In the UK it trails other similar companies, but is still a strong presence.

ShapeWorks is Herbalife's personalised weight loss programme. A Shapeworks coach will provide a key role in helping achieve your weight loss goals, arriving at a personalised meal plan and then following up to be sure you reach your goals. You start by booking a personal body analysis with your coach--you'll likely have one within a few miles, though it may be further in more rural areas.

It's hard to compare the weight loss potential of Herbalife with other programmes, but it probably is pretty good, though less effective than the very low calorie diets like Cambridge and Lighter Life. Like those liquid replacement diets, the danger is that when you off the programme, you get a famine effect and pile on the pounds when you start eating normally. We'd definitely suggest transitioning to a less restrictive diet Programme afterwards, to get your body used to its new weight and reset your set point lest you rebound.

Herbalife is also difficult to stick with because food is so integral to many social situations--temptations especially abound when you're out. And even at home you can face major temptations if your spouse or children are eating normally


Menu: The Shapeworks programme has three main components--supplements three times a day, two shakes per day, plus protein snacks to keep your metabolism up and hunger at bay, and finally, a healthy meal with plenty of "colourful" fruits and vegetables.

Herbalife productsThe shakes come in six flavours as of our writing, including French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Wild Berry, Cafe Latte, Cookies 'n Cream and Piña Colada. They are formulated to provide the nutrition to be expected from a meal, with low calories. They consist of high quality soy protein, healthy carbs, fibre, and a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. In addition to the protein bars, there are also soup mixes, soy nut packets, and other beverage packets. In addition, Herbalife sells many other products, such as Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage to replace your tea or coffee, metabolism boosters, etc.

With only six flavours of shake, one criticism we've heard is people get bored of having the same breakfasts and lunches. We've read of various tips on the net to improve the Herbalife experience--some people mix soft fruits like strawberries and peaches into the shakes, also with some crushed ice to spice them up. Others use soya milk to improve the flavor of the shakes.


Prices: The price varies (and isn't displayed on the website), but we gather it's around £68.50 for three weeks, which includes two shakes and two bars per day as well as supplements, leaving you to make a nutritious dinner with ingredients from the shops. We understand there is a 30-day money back guarantee, but you'd best check the terms and conditions on that when you sign up.

Visit Herbalife UK Distributor

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Visit Herbalife UK Distributor


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Key Facts

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• If you stick to it, you will lose considerable weight
• Weekly meetings improve prospects for success
• Programme well-tested, since 1981

• Boredom--not enough variety
• You may feel hunger or other side effects
• Does not change eating habits, so tendency for weight rebound when going off

Price: £68.50 for 3 weeks (not including healthy dinners to be made yourself)

Philosophy: Liquid replacement plus a healthy dinner

Menu: Limited to six shake flavours and some protein bars, plus self-made healthy dinner

Support: Weekly meeting with counsellor

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