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Hypnotic Tracks Weight Loss Programme

Hypnotic Tracks is the most popular British hypnotic weight loss programme; it seems to work well for some, and though we were skeptical we've heard enough positive feedback to justify inclusion in our reviews.

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Hypnotic Tracks Diet Service Review

Visit Hypnotictracks Diet Service SiteHypnotic Tracks is the leading UK hypnotherapy source, and genuinely appears to work for many people. It helps you achieve your weight loss goals with high quality self-hypnosis tracks recorded in a professional studio. The programme seeks to reprogramme your mind to eat less and to enjoy eating more healthfully. There is no need to count calories or exercise excessively on this programme. Hypnotic Tracks seeks to disconnect negative eating habits and change your response to hunger and cravings.

This is just one of several self-hypnosis programmes available from Hypnotic Tracks by leading clinical hypnotherapist Sam Weller. Sam has been a hypnotherapist since 1989, trained by Gil Boyne, one of the most prominent hypnotherapists of his generation. In addition to thousands of hours of clinical hypnotherapy experience, he is currently working with the Guideposts Trust Charity to operate a hypnotherapy centre in Warwickshire to help carers reduce their stress levels. Likewise he has worked with the BBC to create stop smoking workshops and is a frequent guest on various UK radio stations.

You can get online backup and coaching, and can even download a 10-minute sample free before deciding to purchase.

We weren't sure about including this programme in our reviews of more mainstream diets, as it did sound a bit alternative to us, but enough people have claimed success with it (and the price is quite reasonable), so we decided it was worthwhile enough to present for those dieters who wish to give it a go. For the serious dietser, you may want to use this in conjunction with a long-term, traditional, healthy diet, and it should reinforce your commitment and success.


Menu: All tracks are available for download in MP3 format or as an audio CD delivered to your letterbox. A 43-page weight loss guide accompanies both versions.


Prices: The Weight Loss download costs £19.99. (Quite cheap if you consider a one-on-one session with an accomplished hypnotherapist could run as much as £172.)

There are significant volume discounts on the site--if you purchase 2 Hypnotic Tracks, you get one free for instance, purchase 3 and you get 2 free, and so on. Other areas Hypnotic Tracks cover include Stop Smoking, Relaxation and Confidence, Fear of Flying, Anxiety, Relief of Tiredness, Saying No, Passing the Driving Test, Exam Nerves, Fear of Rejection, Increased Energy, as well as a variety of programmes in the areas of Corporate Achievement, Sports and Sexual Enhancement.

Unlike the other diet programmes we review, Hypnotic Tracks has a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Visit Hypnotictracks Diet Service Site


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Key Facts

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• Easy to use via download or CD
• For those how respond, works effortlessly
• Can change long-term food attitudes

• May not work for all

Price: £19.99

Philosophy: Hypnotherapy to change attitudes about food

Menu: Healthy eating and smaller portions

Support: Online support



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