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Tesco has an excellent varied and customised diet which is very suitable for long-term use--and it works!

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Visit Tesco Diets Diet Service Site Tesco Diets (previously called Tesco eDiets) is one of our favourite programmes--not as extreme as many, but delivering personalised, varied and above all enjoyable menu plans. Tesco diets claims to be the largest weight loss programme in the UK, and a major reason is the online anonymity it allows its customers.

The wide variety of foods on this plan are one of its strongest features - you won't go hungry or get bored on Tesco's plan. Of course, because this diet is less restrictive than many, your weight loss will tend to be less than the more extreme plans, but if you can stay on it for the long-term, more moderate weight loss is healthier and more sustainable. If you have a lot to lose, it might be a good idea to try a more hardcore diet first for a bit, then transition to Tesco to keep the weight off and continue at a more measured pace.

The support is handled online, including weigh-ins which you enter, and you can use the support as much or as you like, or go it on your own. You can seek advice 24/7 via email, telephone or a live chat session with an advisor, and there are online meetings that you can attend at least once per week.


Menu: You create your menu by visiting the Tesco Diet site, creating a profile (this part is free), and then you'll be presented with a list of foods--pick the ones you like, and it will create a menu based on your preferences and needs as well as a weekly shopping list. There's no calorie or carb counting, as this is all calculated for you. You set a goal weight you are aiming for which is calculated using the BMI index for a healthy band for someone of your height and age etc. After you create your menu, you could of course use Tesco's online delivery service to get your food delivered right to your door - thus eliminating risky trips to the supermarket with its aisles of tempting goodies. It's a great system, and our only wish is that the Tesco Diet plan would actually create a basket on containing the ingredients list to make it all effortless ... maybe some day.

Within the Tesco eDiet plan their are six options--the GI Diet (Glycemic Index-based to stabilise blood sugar levels), the Mediterranean Diet (plenty of fruit, veg, and fish), the Total Wellbeing Diet (high protein), and Vegetarian (no meat), Low Carb (Atkins style), Light Choices (balanced approach with snack). Or, you can choose a one of nine diets targeting a specific issues: Diabetes, Low Sugar, Low Salt, Cholesterol Lowering, Dairy Free, Heart Smart, High Fibre, Gluten Free, or Low Fat. There is a mix of ready meals and meals you prepare yourself. Looking at customer comments across the net, some people rave that's it's the best and most healthy diet they've ever tried, while others complain about the cost. We certainly give it our enthusiastic support as one of the top diets.


Prices: The service costs a very reasonable £1.50 per week if you buy a year at once (£78.00 total), or you can sign up for a 10-week plan for £29.90 (double the annual price at £2.99/week) or a six month plan for £59.90 (averaging to £2.30/week). The diet does not require you to buy specialty branded products. However, as mentioned, some of the more exotic food combinations will steer you towards more pricey Tesco branded products, so this is something to keep in mind.

There are other options you can add to your plan, for instance a customised daily fitness plan for an extra 10 pounds on the 10 week plan, 20 pounds on the 20 week plan, and 40 pounds on the 12 month plan. There is also a Recipe Club which gives even more meals to choose from and allows you to search, add, and swap recipes for the same additional prices as the fitness plan above.

As an added bonus, if you hold a Tesco club card, you can get points back at a ratio of 1 point per £1 spent (the same as in stores).

Visit Tesco Diets Diet Service Site

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Visit Tesco Diets Diet Service Site


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Key Facts

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• Varied diet
• Customised to favor foods you like
• Cheap weekly rate

• Some menus are very complex
• Foods can be pricey
• Actual weight loss less than restrictive diets

Price: £1.50 per week

Philosophy: Eat foods you enjoy on a planned, varied menu

Menu: 6 menus to choose from: GI Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Low Carb Diet, and Healthy Eating Plan

Support: Online

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